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We are a private, independent, non-political, not profit organization that works towards the sustainable development of Colombia’s Pacific Region hand in hand with different agents.

Cross-cutting Line of Action: Regional Planning

Structured, cohesive, harmonious and up-to-date long-term urban & regional planning processes afford the community the opportunity to achieve improvements in its quality of life (QOL). This initiative represents a key area for project design and implementation at ProPacífico, recognizing that stronger long-term local and regional planning, including articulating ongoing regional strategies, programs and projects, should result in progressively higher levels of development and environmental sustainability in the Pacific Region, as well as in an improved quality of life for its people.

Lines of Action

Education, Health and Well-being

Improving access to and quality of education, health, public safety and job markets, as well as encouraging active participation, promoting inclusion and bridging social gaps.

Water and Environmental Sustainability

Safeguarding the recovery, preservation, protection and proper management of water to ensure sustainable use and equitable access to this resource.

Infrastructure and Competitiveness

Promoting projects to extend and upgrade infrastructure to bring local, regional, national and international connectivity to our region.

Pacífico 360°

Enter this interactive platform and know all the socioeconomic, demographic and environmental information of the Pacific Region of Colombia.

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ProPacífico’s management

Our work is supported on a solid basis of knowledge, always aiming at materializing strategic, high-impact initiatives by jointly collaborating with public and private entities and contributing to our Region’s transformation.

We identify

Needs and propose high impact projects and initiatives that improve our inhabitants lives.

We articulate

Actors and interests to focus efforts and achieve the implementation of initiatives and projects.

We manage

Initiatives, projects and public policies in order to influence their feasibility and strategic value aiming at integrated development.

Our projects

Complex of Economic Activities of Buenaventura
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Urban mobility for the City – Region
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Pacífico – Orinoquía connection
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Cali – Rumichaca corridor
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Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport
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Fouding Council

The Cali Chamber of Commerce, the Valle del Cauca Governors’ Office, the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Valle del Cauca (CAR for its acronym in Spanish), and the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia – Coffee Growers’ State Committee for Valle del Cauca. Read more

Executive control organ comprised by eight members of the ProPacifico’s Founding Council and three external members. Read more

To date, 33 regional organizations are classified as Type A or B donors in ProPacífico’s patron’s roster. Read more


December 17, 2019
Articulación: la clave del 2019 para contribuir al desarrollo integral del Pacífico colombiano

Este año la articulación entre ProPacífico y diferentes actores del sector público y privado, fue clave para la materialización de distintas iniciativas y proyectos de alto impacto en nuestra región. Estos son los hechos más destacados de nuestra gestión en pro del desarrollo integral de Cali, el Valle del Cauca y el Pacífico colombiano durante este 2019.

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ProPacífico, comprometido con el fortalecimiento del Programa Todos Aprender

Bajo la orientación de Daniel Bogoya, experto en evaluación educativa, ProPacífico realizó este viernes 25 de octubre el primer taller de gestión del conocimiento e incidencia, que estuvo dirigido a los coordinadores e implementadores de programas en educación de las fundaciones que hacen parte de la alianza para el fortalecimiento del Programa Todos a Aprender, PTA.

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Inició la segunda etapa de los estudios de prefactibilidad del Sistema Férreo del Sur del Valle

Después de finalizar la primera etapa, correspondiente a la planificación de los estudios de prefactibilidad técnica avanzada del Sistema Férreo del Sur del Valle, se llevó a cabo entre los días 27 de septiembre al 3 de octubre la quinta Misión técnica, que se enfocó en la etapa de ingeniería del proyecto.

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