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A private, independent, non-political, not profit organization that works towards the sustainable development of Colombia’s Pacific Region hand in hand with different agents.

Key area: Territorial Palnning

Structured, cohesive, harmonious and up-to-date long-term urban & regional planning processes afford the community the opportunity to achieve improvements in its quality of life (QOL). This initiative represents a key area for project design and implementation at ProPacífico, recognizing that stronger long-term local and regional planning, including articulating ongoing regional strategies, programs and projects, should result in progressively higher levels of development and environmental sustainability in the Pacific Region, as well as in an improved quality of life for its peoples.


Strategic lines of action

Infrastructure and Competitiveness
The following are the infrastructure initiatives and projects aimed at bolstering regional competitiveness, realizing untapped territorial potential, and developing and/or maximizing collective capacities in the Pacific Region.
Water and Environmental Sustainability
The following initiatives and projects aim to recover, manage, develop, and attain sustainability of water sources, undeniably a vital resource.
Education, Health and Wellbeing
These initiatives and projects intend to generate the necessary and sufficient conditions to improve the population’s quality of life, through the design and implementation of training and capacity building programs for individuals, institutions and social groups.

Pacific Region

The Pacific Region in Colombia is located in the country’s southwest, on the Pacific coast, to which it owes its name. It is comprised of the Departments of Cauca, Chocó, Nariño and Valle del Cauca. The Region is characterized by its biodiversity and water wealth, as well as by the convergence of multiple ethnic groups and a privileged position on the Colombian Pacific Basin.

Ocean (km2)

¿How we work?

Our work is supported on a solid basis of knowledge, always aiming at materializing strategic, high-impact initiatives by jointly collaborating with public and private entities and contributing to our Region’s transformation.



Identify, own and articulate knowledge in order to prioritize needs and propose high-impact initiatives.


Articulate and support diverse interests and stakeholders, focus efforts and execute strategies required for regional Development.




Manage and sustain projects,initiatives or public policies prioritized by their feasibility and strategic value for the region’s development.

International Cooperation

Establish strategic relations with relevant public and private actors who work in the international cooperation system, in order to strengthen project implementation through technical and financial cooperation.

Our projects

Key area: Territorial Planning
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Cali Levee Plan
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Strengthening of educational management in certified municipalities of Valle del Cauca
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The Economic Activities Center in Buenaventura, CAEB
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Strengthening health sector management in Valle del Cauca
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Corporate Governance

The Cali Chamber of Commerce, the Valle del Cauca Governors’ Office, the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Valle del Cauca (CAR for its acronym in Spanish), and the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia – Coffee Growers’ State Committee for Valle del Cauca. Read more

Executive control organ comprised by eight members of the ProPacifico’s Founding Council and three external members. Read more

To date, 34 regional organizations are classified as Type A or B donors in ProPacífico’s patron’s roster. Read more


September 3, 2018
María Isabel Ulloa es la nueva directora ejecutiva de la FDI Pacífico

El Consejo Directivo de la FDI Pacífico, eligió por unanimidad a la abogada vallecaucana y ex viceministra de Minas y Energía, María Isabel Ulloa, como nueva directora ejecutiva de la organización. Ulloa sucede a Alejandro Eder, quien lideró la Fundación desde su resurgir en el 2015.

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August 14, 2018
La FDI Pacífico y la Alcaldía de Cali visitaron Singapur, referente de desarrollo a nivel mundial

Representantes de la FDI Pacífico y la Alcaldía de Cali estuvieron en Singapur durante el ‘World Cities Summit’, el evento de desarrollo sostenible más importante del mundo, donde se abordan retos de urbanismo desde un enfoque sostenible.

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August 9, 2018
Pacífico 360°, la primera plataforma de fácil acceso que agrupa datos e indicadores de la Región

La FDI Pacífico, desarrolló y puso al acceso de toda la comunidad, la plataforma interactiva ‘Pacífico 360’, el sitio web que agrupa información socioeconómica, demográfica y ambiental, entre otros, de la Región Pacífico de Colombia.

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