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Urban mobility for the City – Region

About this project:

Promoting sustainable and multimodal transport in the City – Region (Cali, Jamundí, Palmira and Yumbo, in addition to Candelaria) is key for the competitiveness of the region and the welfare of its population. As long as there are difficulties in the transportation and mobility dynamics, proper performing of the activities in the region will continue to be hindered.

General objective:

To develop a multimodal, sustainable and efficient transport system to cover the increasing demand with greater capacity to respond in terms of coverage, frequency and quality.

Our rol:

1. Articulating key actors
2. Managing resources from international cooperation
3. Monitoring the structuring and execution of the railroad project.
4. Supporting the promotion of measures to ensure the sustainability of the MIO system and the prioritization of railroad transport systems.

In order to achieve such integration, we promote the materialization of the following project: