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Complex of Economic Activities of Buenaventura

About this project:

This model for the socioeconomic development of Buenaventura will consolidate and improve the city by establishing a zone of economic activities in the northern side of the city, which will also lay the foundations for human habitat and social infrastructure. It’s materialization will impact the urban planning, environmental benefits, improvement in infrastructure systems and multimodal transport, habitat and educational infrastructure, rural services and equipment general systems. Also it will generate 60,000 jobs in 20 years and allow the installation and running
of 150 companies.


To contribute to the generation of wealth in the region and to strengthen Buenaventura’s human capital.

Generate enabling infrastructure that guarantees the creation of industrial, business and social infrastructure.

Promote the following zones in Buenaventura’s expansion areas: Logistics activities, Science and Technology, Human habitat.

To generate more resources for the State to make the necessary investments to ensure access to public services and to improve education and health services for the population of Buenaventura.

Our rol:

1. Coordinating public and private actors
2. Supporting the prioritization of the project at a local, regional and national level.
3. Contributing to positioning the project
4. Supporting the management of resources resulting from cooperation.