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Strengthening of education management in Valle del Cauca

About this project:

Education is one of the major driving forces of development in the regions. Nonetheless, numbers show that in the Colombian Pacific region, and particularly, in the Valle del Cauca and Cauca departments, quality of education performs worse than other regions in the country.

ProPacífico makes targeted efforts to improve quality of education by generating, analyzing and sharing the Region’s education data (Education Observatory); by coordinating the private sector to promote collaborative work and implementing strategies for quality of education based on evidence (PTA Partnership*); and, finally, by proposing working groups to contribute to the public sector’s decision-making process for their efforts to be focused on systemic and high-impact solutions.

*The PTA (Spanish acronym for Learning for All Program) is a program by the Colombian Ministry of Education

General objective:

To contribute to strengthening the planning, investment and management capacities of the Region’s education sector in order to make greater progress with respect to the national indicators in terms of quality and coverage.

Our rol:

1. Coordinating actors
2. Promoting the generation of public-private partnershipsg
3. Influencing national, regional and local policy-making