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Todos Somos Pazcífico Plan

About this project: 

The Pacific Region has fallen behind in comparison with other regions in Colombia. The Pacific Coastline particularly shows very precarious social and economic conditions if compared with the region’s Andean strip.

In spite of being one of the most environmentally and ethnically diverse regions, the economic development of the Pacific Coastline is barely emerging. It can be concluded that the region’s potential has been wasted, which has made it impossible to overcome inequality in terms of social


To contribute to social, economic and environmental development of the Pacific Coastline and to bridge the gaps between the Pacific Region’s Andean strip and the rest of the country by investing in: water service, basic sanitation, energization and conectividad y connectivity and transportation.

Our rol: 

1. Supporting the articulation of public and private actors at a national, regional and local level in order to implement the projects established for Buenaventura.
2. Providing support to manage and complete the works of the Buenaventura Water Supply Master Plan.