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Special Plan for the Integrated Development of Buenaventura

About this project:

The Special Plan for the Integrated Development of Buenaventura provided in Act 1872 of 2017 aims at articulating different planning and financing instruments and mechanisms, as well as the key players for these tasks, in order to generate a tailored and sustainable model for development, which should give all the population of Buenaventura access to the social benefits resulting from the economic growth of the District and the increase of the country’s competitiveness.



To execute an action plan for Buenaventura, including coordinated and integrated solutions to face the challenges that may arise as development is achieved.


Our rol:

1. Articulating key actors from the academia, the civil society, the public, private and social sector in order to materialize the project.
2. Providing support to manage the project in order to make it a priority for the National Government.
3. Supporting the management of resources coming from international cooperation to co-finance the project.

In order to achieve this transformation, we promote the implementation of the following projects: