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Pacífico – Orinoquía connection

About this project:

Due to Colombia’s mountainous topography, a historical discon-nection has existed between the east and the west. This situation has stopped the Orinoquia as well as the Magdalena valley from developing up to its ‘great potential and to direct access to the Asian Pacific markets through the port of Buenaventura. This project of strategic national interest will connect the Colombian east and west through a 1500km road, passing by the Western, Central and Eastern mountain ranges.

The Connection Pacific-Orinoquia will be essential in terms of national security and consolidation of the territory, development and social inclusion, protection of the environment, urban development competitiveness, foreign trad and acknowledgment and respect of ethnic groups

Our rol:

1. Articulate public and private actors for the materialization of the project.

2. Support the management priorization of the Connection ‘Pacific-Orinoquia’ before the National Government.

3. Contribute to the positioning of the proyect

4. Support resource management before the territorial entities in order to jointly finance the project.

5. Conducting cost-benefit studies for the entire extension of the project.


Project status: