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Efficient management of the health system in Valle del Cauca

About this project:

In the last 25 years, Colombia has built a General Social Security System for Health (SGSSS, by its Spanish acronym), which provides universal social security coverage to Colombians and features one of the world’s lowest OOP expenditure. In spite of this, some challenges still exist:

Effective access


Financial sustainability

Cross-sector Coordination


Responding to this, actors belonging to the regional health sector and ProPacífico have joined forces to develop coordinated technical work on public policy and improvement of health-related risk management in order to generate proposals aimed at improving the performance of the health system in the country.

General objective:

To contribute to improving access to high-quality healthcare services for the population of Valle del Cauca by strengthening the performance of the General Social Security System for Health (SGSSS) and its agents.

Our rol:

1. Directing the project both strategically and technically
2. Managing resources
3. Coordinating key actors
4. Coordinating actions between agents