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Cali Special District: node for development

About this project:

The transition of Cali to a Special District for Sports, Culture, Tourism, Business and Services arising out of Act 1933 of 2018 is an opportunity to design new provisions, in accordance with the region’s reality, and to update the processes needed to manage it. In order to achieve the above it is important to propose new political divisions and local governments based on the region’s social and spatial conditions in order to turn planning and policy-making into a more efficient and collaborative process.



General objective:

Planning the city through technical exercises led by organized civil society and directed at building a long-term plan for the Cali City-Region as a node for development, based on a collective vision and the purposes that need to be fulfilled, in addition to implementing a land-use, administrative and political model within the framework of the City-Region’s new status as a Special District for Sports, Culture, Tourism, Business and Services.



Our rol:

1. Articulating actors in order to implement the project
2. Managing resources to finance the project
3. Positioning the project