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Land – Use Plan Buenaventura

About this project: 

Buenaventura requires efforts to make the best of its potential, which results from its position in the continent, its biodiversity and its cultural richness. To achieve this, the Special Plan for the Integrated Development of  Buenaventura (PEDI, by its Spanish acronym) offers a global perspective on the issues of the region, addressing strategic elements to be tackled in order
to generate new living conditions in the District.


General objectives: 

To articulate the arrangement of the physical and social assets that are available in the District.
To achieve a shared vision that provides localizations and relations to promote the well-being of the population of Buenaventura and to ensure substantial improvements in quality of life, by addressing different aspects that are impacted by the region’s opportunities and limitations.


Our rol: 

1. Working with the Cross-sector Committee of Buenaventura to strengthen partnerships with the private sector and make proposals to be considered when formulating the District’s Land-use Plan.
2. Promoting articulation and dialogue between public and private actors, whose participation is key for the formulation of the Land-use Plan.
3. Enabling all the process required for the District to have a Land-use Plan that is consistent with its reality and the needs of its population.