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Who we are

The Foundation

We are a privately held, independent, apolitical, nonprofit organization that works, in conjunction with multiple other local, regional and national actors, toward furthering sustainable development in the Pacific Region in Colombia.


Promote national development, chiefly throughout the Pacific Region, by identifying, managing and coordinating general interest, high impact initiatives that foster economic progress, environmental sustainability, and collective wellbeing.


By 2025, ProPacífico will have consolidated its position as a benchmark, for its contribution to sustainable development in the Pacific Region and the country at large; driving the design and implementation of avant-garde public interest initiatives steered from within the Region.

“In 2025, ProPacífico will consolidate as a benchmark at a national level, for its contribution to the sustainable development of the Pacific and of Colombia, promoting cutting-edge initiatives, leading from the Region.” commented María Isabel Ulloa, executive director of ProPacífico.

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Initiatives and projects

Territorial Planning

Structured, cohesive, harmonious and up-to-date long-term urban & regional planning processes afford the community the opportunity to achieve improvements in its quality of life (QOL).

These initiatives, built on technical criteria and community participation processes, involving diverse public and private actors and stakeholders, aim to steer the economic, social, cultural, policy, infrastructure, transportation and environmental dimensions of these territories, in order to attain better living conditions and improved opportunities for their peoples.

Education, Health and Wellbeing

Improving access to and quality of education, health, public safety and job markets, as well as encouraging active participation, promoting inclusion and bridging social gaps.

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Water and Environmental

Safeguarding the recovery, preservation, protection and proper management of water to ensure sustainable use and equitable access to this resource.

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Infrastructure and Competitiveness

Promoting projects to extend and upgrade infrastructure to bring local, regional, national and international connectivity to our Region.

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